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Our teams


As a team we are responsible for providing in-depth qualitative research and analysis on various football leagues all around the world, which may assist our clients in their decisions about value bets before and during games.

We are responsible for providing comprehensive previews and reviews for games in each league, involving team news and in-depth analysis of how games were played. In addition we also provide pre-season and mid-season reports on each individual team. Finally we ensure that Smartodds' clients are up-to-date with all the latest information and provide them with detailed live analyses of games.

In return, we give our team members the ability to express and share their opinions on football issues with like-minded people as well as the opportunity to pursue a continual self-development programme.

A typical member of our team will have an encyclopaedic knowledge of, and huge passion for, football. Equally they will be comfortable with numbers and have a good mathematical mind, as well as the ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.

Some of our team members:

  • Tina

    Head of Analysis

Information Technology

Our team is responsible for providing a resilient, highly available and easily accessible IT platform. This hosts the client interface to the systems and allows the company the flexibility to develop efficient modelling and client tools.

In addition to the administration of existing systems we are responsible for researching, testing and installing new software and hardware, integrating with current installations, working with departments to find solutions involving current and future technologies, instructing and supporting clients and staff alike.

A typical member of our team will display a core set of professional skills - excellent communication, project management, and have the ability to work proactively with minimum supervision. Team members have a good awareness of business needs and a keen insight into the current and upcoming developments in the IT world. They use this to align the strategy of the IT department with that of the company and develop the architecture to suit current and future trends.

This is a rapidly growing company and as such the range and breadth of technologies applied coupled with the need for the high availability of systems makes for an exciting and rewarding career.

Some of our team members:

Quantitative Research

Our team has the responsibility of collecting, maintaining and analysing sports data with a view to predicting the outcome of future sporting events. Our statistical analysis can be combined with qualitative information to enable our clients to specify the probability of future outcomes as accurately as possible.

A wide variety of individuals work for our team, from database administrators and data managers who ensure that the data is accurate and easily accessed, through to statisticians and mathematicians who develop sophisticated probability models to make predictions. All of our team have good academic credentials, and many have a PhD in a mathematical subject.

Our team researches many challenging problems so a number of different skills are required, from the ability to investigate specific problems and analyse data to having a wide knowledge of advanced techniques required to model sports data and generate predictions. Given the nature of research that we carry out a strong knowledge of sport is required in order to understand the data and generate relevant ideas and analyses.

We like to think that the work we do is interesting, challenging, and allows our team members to constantly improve and learn whilst working in an area which we all love – sports. When working on a specific problem, our team has the opportunity to research the solution with a high degree of flexibility and independence. This approach often generates novel, interesting and exciting ideas which lead to new avenues of research, and ultimately better analysis and more accurate predictions for our clients.

Some of our team members:

Software Development

Our clients bet in an increasingly competitive market. Margins are tight and as a result every year they are looking for innovative new techniques. From a software stand point, this is very exciting and we work closely with them analysing their processes and along with our own ideas, develop solutions enabling them to make decisions easier and faster by producing state of the art solutions providing a mix of real time and historical data.

We operate in an intense, fast paced environment and our clients utilise our bespoke solutions to make critical split second decisions. This means that our software needs to be extremely robust and deliver low latency market data with maximum efficiency.

Smartodds provides a service almost around the clock. With the majority of games being out of a normal company's office hours, Smartodds employees have the scope to be flexible with their work times. As a member of our team, there isn't anything more exciting and satisfying than being around the clients using our software during a flurry of big games.

We employ a team of leading developers, testers and a business analyst who expertly craft our solutions. Within the team we employ a work hard / play hard philosophy. Our working days are rarely quiet and we value team spirit as much as the ability to write good code. Mixing sport and software is a dream for a lot of developers and here at Smartodds, it is most definitely not for the faint hearted.

Some of our team members:

  • Will

    Software Developer

Bet Placement Team

The Bet Placement Team is the interface between our clients and the global sports betting market. We do this by offering a range of services, which translate into a more successful experience for our clients in their sports betting activities.

Our primary task is to help execute bets on behalf of our clients. They let us know their selections and targets in advance and the Bet Placer’s job is to see if the market is offering a bet that matches the client’s criteria and then assist them with placing their bet.

We also have developed an expertise in monitoring the markets and can give relevant feedback back to the clients, with whatever trends, anomalies and other information that might help our clients’ decision making processes. Market monitoring is also crucial in aiding us with our primary task of telling our clients in real time where their preferred bets might be placed. In a dynamic and ever changing market the odds on any given selection can change drastically in a short period of time. Our skill helps our clients to seize any window of opportunity that opens to get the bets that they want.

Our team is full of dedicated individuals who are charged with not only aiding and providing a high level of service to our clients, but also with going out of their way to help each other to achieve the department’s goal of delivering top quality results under high pressure…whilst having a good time.

Some of our team members:


Watchers are individual freelancers who provide a service of watching live or recorded games, providing updates on how the game is progressing. We have watchers based here in London and all over the world. Many watchers have access at home to the TV channels which cover the football games allowing us to have watchers who speak the native language to follow the live commentary which is of extreme importance in order to relay any relevant information to our clients.

The Watcher Operations team's responsibility is to ensure all of the statistics that are collected by our watchers are a fair reflection of how every match has progressed. To ensure this happens we train, advise and review all our watchers regularly.

The statistics that our team collects during the course of a game are vital for our football models - the more accurate the statistics are, the better our models become, and the more accurate the information we provide to our clients.

Some of our team members:

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