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Bet Placer


Bet Placer

Academic Background: BSc Mathematics at Loughborough University

Employment Background: Prior to Smartodds I worked for a Wealth Management Firm.

Why I joined Smartodds: I was looking for a change of industry and something different from the typical 9-5 job. Smartodds offered me the opportunity to learn new skills while being involved in a fast paced sports related environment.

When did I join: September 2012

My team: I work in the Bet Placement Team.

What I do: I help our clients to gain a better understanding of the football betting market. My team provides them with valuable knowledge and expertise to help them adapt to market trends.

What is good about my job: I’m a massive sports fan so working in the sports industry is the biggest plus for me. In this job I feel that I’m learning new skills every day.

What is good about working at Smartodds: : The atmosphere is excellent. In this company the people are not just workmates, they are also your friends. There are also some nice perks such as a cooked meal 5 times a week and a weekly massage.

Head of Analysis


Head  of  Analysis

Academic Background: BSc. Sport Science, Brunel University

Employment Background: Prior to joining Smartodds I worked as a football coach in England and USA.

Why I joined Smartodds: After University I knew I wanted a career working in Football. The opportunity to work for Smartodds arose and I haven't looked back since.

When did I join: October 2005

My team: I head up the Research and Analysis team.

What I do: I manage the team that provides in-depth pre and post-match analysis for a set group of football clubs. The information and thoughts they collate are then used by our clients to aid their success and make winning selections.

What is good about my job: Football has always been a big part of my life. To be working daily on the thing you love is fantastic. Working in the analysis team provides a great platform to talk and share opinions on all football issues with other like-minded people. The job satisfaction is also great. It's a great feeling knowing the research and analysis I provide is important to our clients.

What is good about working at Smartodds: The flexibility and working environment are the 2 best things about working at Smartodds. It's not your typical 9-5 job. The world of football never sleeps which causes your working schedule to move with the fixtures and seasons. The flexibility means our working environment is relaxed yet exciting.

Watcher Operator


Watcher  Operator

Academic Background: BA (Hons) English and Media Studies

Employment Background: I worked as an Administrator at an Austrian based Office Furniture Company for 18 months.

Why I joined Smartodds: An old school friend who was at Smartodds used to talk to me about how much he enjoyed working there and then an opportunity to work there came up. As I watched a lot of English, Spanish and Italian football at home, I naturally jumped at the chance to get involved.

When did I join: August 2010

My team: I work with a team whose responsibility is to ensure all of the stats that we collect from the various World and European matches are as accurate and balanced as possible. We engage a large number of watchers to provide services here in London and around the world.

Not only do we cover games that are watched live but also historic games which can help improve our football models. It's very important for the stats of the games watched to be as accurate and precise as possible, especially in real time for our clients to see how the game has progressed and have a greater understanding of how well each team is playing during the game.

What I do: It is my responsibility to maintain the quality control of the watchers stats of the live and past games. I check all the stats to ensure everything is accurately reflecting the progress of the game measured through our own self devised system at Smartodds and if they aren't I provide feedback to the watcher.

What is good about my job: I work in a fun and relaxed atmosphere around people who have the same passion for the sport I adore. I'm part of one of the office 5-a side football teams and there's always good banter and rivalry whenever we have one of our legendary derby matches.

What is good about working at Smartodds: Working at Smartodds has expanded my football knowledge and introduced me to so many leagues and players that I would never have seen properly when I was younger, giving a me a new found love of the great attack-minded Norwegian league. I also get to work with some great people from different cultures.




Academic Background: Degree and PhD, Wroclaw University of Technology

Employment Background: I am currently working in Materials Centre of Excellence at Wroclaw University of Technology.

Football team I support: At home it's Slask Wroclaw and Wisla Krakow. In England it's Arsenal.

How did I find out about Smartodds: Back in 2008 a friend of mine who was already a freelancer for Smartodds informed me that there was an opportunity for self-employment watching football games.

Why did I become a watcher: I started freelancing because it gives me flexibility and I loved the idea behind it as I am passionate about football and IT technology.

What I do: During the course of a game I watch it and judge each single action for each team. Additionally, every 10 minutes, as well as after the first and second half, I write an update saying how the game is being played.

What is good about it: It's really interesting and challenging. Each problem or challenge to be overcome is new and different from the last. I am paid for what I love to do. I get to work with a lovely team of people and it is great fun to solve problems with them.

What is good about being a freelancer for Smartodds: All I need to provide my service is my own computer and a comfortable room in my house. Moreover, I can choose my hours and don't have to be office based although I do love visiting Smartodds when the opportunity presents itself.

Systems Support Engineer


Systems Support Engineer

Academic Background: BA Joint Honours Business with Marketing; HRM Honours, Middlesex University

Employment Background: My last job was as an operation manager for E.I Group.

Why I joined Smartodds: I was looking for a new job in London and after viewing the company website and reading the job description I thought it would be the ideal role for me. I love watching football and being in a sports related evironment it was a no brainer in terms of applying for the vacancy.

When did I join: May 2012

My team: I work in the Satellite team, part of the Information Technology team.

What I do: Because I'm the newbie of the team I'm still learning the ropes but basically what we do is provide and maintain the channels which show the football matches for our analysts, clients and watchers. We schedule the games, record them, assign them to various channels and ensure that the right matches are showing at the right times.

What is good about my job: In this job I'm learning something new every day. I'm developing and enhancing lots of new skills and getting a rounded view of how the company functions. Also working in a fantastic team makes everything so much easier and makes coming into work a pleasure.

What is good about working at Smartodds: The fact that I get paid to watch the sport I love is one of the great things about my job. Also the people I work with; there's a lot of great people in and around the office and always a bit of banter flying about. There's subsidised food and drink vending machines and also a chef comes in on certain days to cook everyone in the office fresh, hot meals. If you're a fan of football or sport in general, trust me, there is no better place to work.

Data Manager


Data  Manager

Academic Background: BSc. Mathematics and its Applications, Cardiff University

Employment Background: Smartodds is my first job since graduating, however I spent a years work experience working as an Analyst for the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales.

Why I joined Smartodds: As a mathematician with an interest in sport, and particularly football, there are not many jobs which combine those two interests. Therefore Smartodds seemed the ideal job for me, and since I have been here this has proved to be the case.

When did I join: August 2010

My team: I work within the Quantitative Research team in Smartodds. The role of the team is to develop mathematical models to provide probabilistic predictions for matches to assist our clients in making profitable betting decisions.

What I do: As a data manager I ensure that all data which is used in our model is clean. I also analyse this data to answer various queries from clients regarding different aspects of football.

What is good about my job: The work is extremely interesting and the variable nature of the queries from clients means that no two days are ever the same.

What is good about working at Smartodds: The atmosphere at Smartodds is very friendly and relaxed whilst remaining fast-paced and challenging. There are also unique perks such as being able to play football a couple of times a week and getting a weekly massage all of which makes Smartodds a fantastic place to work.

Quantitative Analyst


Quantitative Analyst

Academic Background: MSc. in Econometrics, Warsaw School of Economics. In 2010 I began part-time Ph.D. studies in Statistics and Operational Research at the University of Salford with my research focusing on evaluating soccer players using quantitative methods.

Employment Background: Data analyst at a publishing company in Poland.

Why I joined Smartodds: I had been analysing sports data for a few years in my free time as a hobby before I joined Smartodds so being able to do it as a job was an option I did not have to consider too long

When did I join: January 2010

My team: I work within the Quantitative Research team. We provide clients with predictive models for football and for American sports and undertake analytical studies to help price games.

What I do: I normally spend four days a week in the office with another two dedicated to my Ph.D. project. My responsibility is to develop statistical models for soccer and ice hockey as well as tools which enable Smartodds customers to take full advantage of their capabilities.

What is good about my job: The opportunity to work on challenging sport related projects with clever people who share my passions. Exchanging ideas and learning from each other. On one hand we are given great deal of freedom in our research so are able to experiment with innovative ideas. On the other one every model we come up with is eventually verified when confronted with the market which gives us a feeling that we make real impact.

What is good about working at Smartodds: The people who happy and helpful. The fact that they can start their day when they want, have free fruit, a massage, a dinner and work on sports in between may have something to do with it!

2nd Line Support Technician


2nd  Line  Support  Technician

Academic Background: MSc. Chemistry

Employment Background: After graduating, I worked for several years as 1st Line Support in a SmartCard Access Control company.

Why I joined Smartodds: After several years of monotonous work, I wanted to work in an industry that was constantly changing and would give me some scope to expand my knowledgebase in IT and the flexibility to do “more”.

When did I join: November 2010

My team: I work in the IT team who are responsible for the physical computer hardware as well as the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that enables all employees to work on a day-to-day basis without error.

What I do: Every day is a new day bringing new things to do with duties ranging from diagnosing issues with computers when users have problems or building new PCs for new starters. I have started compressing some of our old files by around 80% which has improved efficiency and increased available storage space. It’s all busy hard work, but very enjoyable.

What is good about my job: The ability and opportunity to learn. Working in such a close, friendly team gives everyone the opportunity to learn from each other. We all trust each other and work together, therefore what someone knows, everyone knows.

What is good about working at Smartodds: One big thing for me is the shifts – I can work an extra few hours one day to get a morning or an entire day off later that week. Also the freedom to try something new that could potentially benefit the company.

Software Developer


Software  Developer

Academic Background: BSc. (Hons) Business Communication Systems, Bournemouth University

Employment Background: Front office developer with a leading investment bank.

Why I joined Smartodds: The position offered by Smartodds was too good to pass up; an opportunity to work within a close-knit team of experienced developers using the latest .Net Technologies to produce business critical systems. In addition the nature of the business was different to anything I had previously encountered and far more interesting.

When did I join: January 2012

My team: Software Development.

What I do: I spend most of my day coding in C# and WPF, working on a wide range of the different applications used to provide the services Smartodds offer.

What is good about my job: I get to work alongside more experienced developers who are always willing to share their knowledge helping me improve my skills. The project work I undertake covers various programming domains from back-end WCF services to client facing WPF GUI’s, personally I find the challenges found in these differing areas keeps things interesting as I always seem to learn something new. Due to the high visibility of the applications delivered we get immediate feedback which I think is important because it is nice to know all your hard work is appreciated.

What is good about working at Smartodds: The working environment is flexible and relaxed; we are allowed to dress casually and are empowered to manage our own working hours. As a company Smartodds’ take pride in being one of the best places to work which is evident in the extensive benefits offered and the number of social events organised for the employees. This investment into employee happiness fosters a work place where everyone is friendly and understanding to one another whilst also striving to deliver their very best. I once heard that if you choose a job you love you will never have to work a day in your life, and working at Smartodds I can fully agree with this statement.

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