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Working at Smartodds

At Smartodds we recognise that our people are the key to our success. Our employees are exceptional people from varied backgrounds with a range of skills. This diversity helps to make Smartodds an exciting and stimulating place to work.

For many of our employees the working day is not 9 'til 5. Whether watching games as an analyst or understanding how our real time mathematical models work, being on the front line means that for some of our people, the working week is defined by when there are matches taking place. Whilst unconventional, this schedule is another ingredient in creating an exciting match day atmosphere.

Smartodds employees are excellent team players, confident communicators and innovative problem solvers. Self-motivation and a flexible approach to work are equally important.

In return, Smartodds offers the ability to work as part of a successful and thriving close-knit team in an ambitious and rewarding environment. The atmosphere is egalitarian, with almost everyone, including the CEO, in an open plan space with the same facilities. We believe that every employee’s efforts are important to the success of the company and consequently everyone’s ideas are welcome and many are implemented very quickly. Every single employee has direct access to all of our clients, enabling them to get immediate and straightforward feedback about their work in real time.

Employees have considerable opportunity to innovate and are actively encouraged to pursue a continual self-development programme. We offer a very generous salary and benefits package, dependent upon qualifications and experience.

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